If you would like a freezer stocked with our succulent pastured pork chops, bacon and hams or our 100% grass fed rib steaks, roasts and hamburger, we are now accepting deposits for fall 2020.

By now, you have heard of meat processor closures across the United States and Canada. Many speculate the price of meat could rise dramatically. Government bailouts will result in hyper inflation and a collapse of the dollar’s value. In uncertain times, it is wise to prepare by stocking up on the essentials. Hog Wild Farming Company is guaranteeing our regular prices on pre orders for 1/2 hog, whole hog, 1/4 beef or side of beef. Pork can be ordered by clicking the order button http://www.hogwildfarmingcompany.com

We are still working on our online order form for beef. Orders can be arranged by contacting us directly by email or phone.

We take a deposit when you place your order. The meat is butchered in the fall, we will call to confirm your order and arrange for pick up or delivery. The beef or pork will be custom butchered to your specifications. We always help assist with this process as it can be confusing. You will be given your total owing once we get the meat back from the butcher. You pay the balance when you receive your pork and/or beef.

We are always happy to answer questions for first time customers and return customers too, or course ;).

Covid has caused a massive disruption to the lives of millions across the globe. The first wave has taken the lives of many vulnerable and immune compromised people. The second wave of disruption will impact the global economy. Small business owners, employees, supply chains and the stock market are all vulnerable.

Now is the time to support your small local businesses and prepare your household. A supply of healthy, ethically raised pastured pork and grass fed beef is just one simple way to ensure your needs are met in uncertain times.


Stay safe, stay healthy,


Chris & Brandi

Hog Wild Farming Company

Pastured Pork Roast



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