The cut sheet is your opportunity to have your pork butchered to your specifications. Please take care when selecting your preferred cuts. Here are a few tips to help you decipher the options.


For each section of the pork, you will select either fresh, smoked or trim. If you have a whole hog, you are free to have one side prepared differently from the other. If you ordered a half (side), please choose one option.

Fresh: Typically, you have an option of roasts or steaks. These cuts are not smoked or processed in any way.

Smoked: Depending on the cut of meat, smoking will give you black forest ham, bacon, cottage rolls etc. This option costs an additional $1.75 per pound.

Trim: This meat is turned into ground pork. Ground pork or trim can be used in sausage or left fresh so you can make meatballs, burgers, etc.

The Cuts

The rows on the order form are the various cuts. Each has specific options such as thickness of steaks, steaks per package, size of your roasts etc.

Ham Yield = 10-14lbs/side

If left fresh, choose to have your hams turned into roasts or steaks. If you choose roasts, identify the size of roast in pounds. Small families may want 2lbs, a large event may require the whole ham! A side should yield 8-10 pounds of ham. 2-3lbs roasts are the norm.

If you choose steaks, please identify the number of steaks per package. One or two steaks per package are the norm.

If smoking, the same options apply.

Recommendation: Go for the black forest ham! If you’re not into ham, this is a good place to get some extra trim for ground pork or sausage.

Loin Yield = 8-12lbs/side

The same general options apply for loins. This is where the pork chops come from. You can choose to have thin, medium or thick cut chops.

Recommendation: Get the chops and cut them thick for the grill! If you’re not a fan of pork chops, you’re probably doing it wrong. Turning this section into peameal bacon is a good alternative.

Belly Yield = 8-12lbs/side

This is a choice between fresh pork belly, delicious bacon or sacrilege (trim)

Recommendation: If it’s not painfully obvious, you want the bacon. The sweet, Omega 3 rich pastured bacon.

Picnic Yield = 4-6lbs/side

This cut has the same options as the ham. Picnic makes for an excellent roast.

Recommendation: Keep this cut as fresh roasts. Another place you can take your trim from if you don’t like roasts or just really like sausage.

Butt Yield = 4-5lbs/side

The butt is also cut into either roasts or chops. If you’re a fan of pulled pork, a butt roast is your best friend. The chops are also lovely. Cottage rolls are a pickled roast like a ham. Breaded cutlets are breaded butt chops.

Recommendation: Users choice. It’s hard to go wrong.

Hocks Yield = 2-4lbs/side

The hocks may seem intimidating at first glance, but they are lovely when slow cooked or sous vide and finished in a frying pan.

Recommendation: If you’re adventurous, get it fresh. If your safe, get it smoked. If you’re squeamish, get it ground

Trim Yield = Depends on “Trim”

Choose Ground Pork, Sausage or check them both and indicate the ratio you would like in the “additional notes”. For example 75% sausage / 25% Ground.


Sausage can only be made from trim (ground pork). If you want lots of sausage, you will have to sacrifice meat from the hams, picnic or butt roasts. Some amount of ground will come from the head and neck, but not much.

Please choose one or two flavours. *Our butcher requires a minimum batch of 25lbs/ flavour. If you’ve chosen a flavour that no one else wants and the batch is under 25lbs, you may be notified. Forms will be submitted in advance which will provide enough time to select another option. *


These are the options which are included free of charge.

Fat: Select Some or all, leave blank for none. If you are a do it yourself, making your own pork lard is magical. Dogs also go wild for it. Keep in mind, there is a lot of fat. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Head: Check off or leave blank. This is exactly what it sounds like. The entire head of the pig. Most people opt out on this one. If left blank the head will be deboned and ground to add to sausage.

Feet: Great for making soup, jellies or braising.

Waste: Yeah, no… Just leave this one blank.

Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum sealing is available at an extra $1.00/lbs. It is a large additional expense. The butcher recommends leaving roasts and cuts with bones in butcher paper. We have found this to keep meat very well for 6 months to 1 year. Vacuum sealing works well with bacon & sausages.

Recommendation: User’s choice. If you plan to keep your meat frozen for 9 months +, vacuum sealing may be appropriate.